Where have I been?

Gorgeous Gorge

So, again, we visited the Saklikent Gorge on an excursion with Thompson (TUI). And, again, I cannot recommend it enough!

When you arrive, you get given some fetching blue plastic shoes because to access most of the gorge you need to walk through some pretty fast-paced water (if you’re not so confident on your feet, you can still enjoy most of the gorge without passing through). If you’re happy going through the water – and I recommend you do – then definitely wear a swimming costume underneath… Just in case!

You start by entering over a long, suspended bridge where you begin to see what’s to come but it’s after you cross through the water that things get good…


As I’ve said before, I love water (I think it’s SO relaxing) so this was like a dream for me. There’s a little cafe area just by the water where you can buy a drink and lots of people sit on the nearby rocks just catching their breath and taking in the sites.

IMG_8805The gorge itself is IMMENSE. The sheer height of it is so difficult to undertstand until you’re there, in it. Pictures just DO NOT do it justice. Here’s one of my sister and dad though, looking up and trying to estimate how high it is!

The whole trip took us maybe 3 hours but that it probably because we were going at a snail’s pace trying to take in everything. And I wouldn’t change a thing.



A little while ago, I travelled to Fethiye, Turkey with my amazing family. We were lucky enough to be travelling with Thompson (now TUI) who we were able to organise all of our excursions through: we liked the ease of having everything organised for us but you could probably organise it for less using a different provider!

One of my favourite places to visit whilst there was the Tlos Ancient City….

IMG_8749The structures there were like nothing I’d seen before! Our tour guide informed us that it was one of the six main cities in Lycia, dating back to 200BC. It is situated near Xanthos valley. There were dozens of these rooms which had been carved into the rock – I can only imagine the time it would have taken!

It seems INSANE to think that people once used to live in these ruins which looks like they’re almost melting back into the rock. I love exploring ruins and historic sites because it’s amazing to put yourselves in their shoes and imagine what life would have been like.

The ruins are found on a mountainous region which means that it involves a LOT of walking so if you struggle with inclines or have “dodgy knees” this may not be the trip for you! Although there is still a decent amount to see around the bottom/middle of the ruins, to see everything you have to walk quite a way up. To be honest, the views were totally worth it and I only regret not taking a picture at the top – I was too busy trying not to look down or send myself flying on some loose stones!

My Bucket List

So, as previously mentioned, I have a travel bucket list longer than my arm (like most people, I imagine!). So, I thought I’d jot them down here to give some travel inspiration to others and so that I can keep all of my ideas in one place!



  • Amsterdam

I visited Amsterdam once when I was much younger and was travelling with my family so I feel like I didn’t really ~experience~ Amsterdam at its full potential!

  • Bruges

Now that the Eurostar goes here, I’m hoping to do a short trip this summer – the architecture here looks AMAZING.

  • Berlin


My best friend has recently travelled here and the pictures look AMAZING. I’m so interested in the World Wars and would love to see the Berlin Wall.

  • Switzerland

In my head, Switzerland is just green, rolling hills. I especially want to visit Lake Blausee because it is just amazing looking.

  • Iceland

I’m interested in visiting Reykjavik but also the amazing volcanoes and natural springs that can be found in Iceland.

  • Crete, Greece

Again, I hear the history hear is immense. Plus the delicious food and sun.

  • Italy

So far I’ve visited Florence, Rome and Pisa so as I’m sure you can tell, I love a little bit of Italy – not just because of the gelato and pizza……. Cala Cotticio beach, Sardinia is next on my list.

  • Croatia

Not only is this where a lot of Game of Thrones was filmed (so therefore must be a bucket list mention) but it is just STUNNING. Especially Blue Cave, Bisevo which is at the top of my Croatia go-to list.


  • Bali
  • Luacaro, Fiji
  • Vietnam (for the war history, not just the insane scenery – Ban Gioc, Detian Falls is top of the list though)
  • Ko Phi Phi, Thailand (Ko Phi Phi is just one of the NUMEROUS amazing places I plan on exploring in Thailand)
  • Coron Palawan, Phillipines (pretty sure this is on everyone’s bucket list!)


  • Morain Lake, Canada
  • Denali National Park, Alaska
  • Sequoia National Park, California
  • Kauai Island, Hawaii
  • Ruby Falls, Tennessee
  • Watkins Glen State Park, New York
  • Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina
  • Mexico (I’ve been teaching my class about the Mayans and promised them I’d snap some ruins whilst I wander about)


  • Tahiti


Where will I be going?

My full-time job is teaching which means that (for the forseeable future, at least) I am SUPER restricted on when I can travel. Although teachers, obviously, get a lot of holiday that does mean that we aren’t allowed to take ANY time off work. Therefore, I’m restricted to school holidays which makes it WAY more expensive to travel than any other time of the year!

Additionally, my partner in crime is currently a student and will be for the next three years at least which – again – means little income making it even trickier to get about.

We do save as much as we can and therefore can afford to holiday twice (sometimes three times) a year but everything else featured here will be focussed around what is local to us.

I thought I’d do a quick rundown on where I have been (and where I’ll be posting about) as well as where I’m headed next…

Previously travelled to:

  • New York, USA
  • Florida, USA
  • Portugal
  • Costa Del Sol/Mijas, Spain
  • Fethiye, Turkey
  • Rome, Italy
  • Florence, Italy
  • Pisa, Italy

Where next?

  • Tenerife
  • Berlin, Germany

I have a bucket list as long as my arm and am constantly updating the Where Next list whenever I see a blogpost or Insta from someone I follow.


The Journey Begins

Welcome, Travellers,

I have created this blog as a way to document my travels; note where I have been and, where relevant, what there is to do there!

Hopefully, anyone that wanders across this page will find it semi-interesting.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

Personally, part of the reason I enjoy travelling and seeing new sites is because it’s a great way to create memories, which I will now be documenting here! Due to this, I don’t go anywhere without my partner in crime.